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Prism Cream* ~ Psoriasis Cream formulation ~ safe for all skin types ~ cooling sensation ~ All Natural ~ Vegan

Prism Cream* ~ Psoriasis Cream formulation ~ safe for all skin types ~ cooling sensation ~ All Natural ~ Vegan

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*Prism Cream* ~ formulated specifically for Psoriasis * ~ safe for all skin types ~ All Natural ~ 20 ingredients*

I formulated this cream from another customer request ~ it's a mixture of very different ingredients from my usual creams and offers a mild cooling effect and subtle tingle of relief* ~ and as always super soothing and 24 hour moisture*

Application Instructions: Customers claim best results occur when applied 3 times daily*

Ingredients ~
Black Seed Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, Camphor Oil, Geranium Oil, Teatree Oil, Castor Oil, Lavender Oil, Peppermint Oil, Argan Oil, Rose Absolute Oil, Myrrh Oil, Litsea Cubeba Oil, German Chamomile, Roman Chamomile, Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter

Black seed Oil
~ It can help with a range of skin issues, such as psoriasis and also parasites. Black seed oil is an excellent moisturizer and can even reduce scale thickness. It helps to soothe any inflammation while also speeding up the skin's healing process.

Sea Buckthorn Oil
~ (National institutes of Health) - Psoriasis is one of the most common chronic dermatological conditions, with a strong impact on patients' quality of life. Currently, psoriasis benefits from conventional therapy with a high rate of adverse effects and an increase in non-compliance and self-medication of patients. As such, there is a need to pinpoint low-adverse effects and accessible remedies for this condition. Our single-blind, placebo-controlled study assessed the effect of sea buckthorn extract on psoriasis lesions in previously untreated patients. Our results showed an improvement in Psoriasis Area Severity Index (PASI) scores and in Dermatology Life Quality Index (DLQI) scores when compared to the baseline values, as well as at the 4- and 8-week time marks for the lesions treated with sea buckthorn extract. By contrast,results significantly worsened after* the end of the trial. These findings provide a solid, optimistic base for the in-depth research of sea buckthorn as an adjuvant or a component in psoriasis care protocols.

Rosehip Seed Oil
~ helps reduce inflammation
It also contains vitamin E, an antioxidant known for its anti-inflammatory effects. With this in mind, rosehip oil may help calm irritation resulting from: rosacea. psoriasis.

Camphor Oil
~ Camphor oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, disinfects and reduces pain, it can be used for many diseases. Camphor also reduces itching sensations*

Geranium Oil
~ Geranium oil can improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and even work to relieve stress. It also promotes the growth and regeneration of healthy cells.

Teatree Oil
~ Early studies suggest that tea tree oil has antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties. As a result, people use tea tree oil to alleviate many skin irritations and health problems, such as acne, lice, and psoriasis

Cstor Oil
~ Castor oil may offer some benefits for the skin due to its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. ... Castor oil may relieve the symptoms of dryness, itching, and swelling in people with psoriasis and reduce the appearance and discomfort of lesions.

Lavender Oil
~ If you're under stress, consider applying diluted lavender oil to your temples. This may help ease your mind, possibly alleviating certain emotional triggers of psoriasis. Lavender oil may also help to lessen itching on the skin when mixed with a lotion and applied to the skin.

Peppermint Oil
~ Peppermint oil may help most with any itching and pain you get in and around psoriasis patches. There are some 25 different species of peppermint with over 600 varieties. No matter what plant you use, the menthol in the oil is what gives peppermint itch and irritation relief.

Argan Oil
~ Psoriasis outbreaks cause the skin to feel dry and brittle. Argan oil's hydrating effects could mean it could help skin feel better. Vitamin E is the essential compound in argan oil that makes skin healthy. Squalene is also found in argan oil, and is used as a lubricant and moisturizer in cosmetics.

Rose Absolute Oil
~ Rose oil contains anti-inflammatory properties which are great for calming redness and for helping relieve sensitive skin. Doctor quote: β€œIt’s very emollient, meaning that it’s good for locking in moisture and hydration as well.”

Myrrh Oil
~ Renowned for thousands of years as an oil prized for beauty, it also has incredibly therapeutic properties for skin maladies, like dry skin, chapped skin, eczema, psoriasis. Myrrh oil is used in aromatherapy to revitalize wrinkled and aging skin.

Litsea Cubeba
~ Litsea cubeba does wonders for the skin, from removing excess sebum to cleansing pores, to treating conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. This healing essential oil has antiseptic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antispasmodic, stimulant, and carminative properties.
Litsea Cubeba has been used throughout history in traditional Chinese medicine to treat digestive problems, muscle pain, asthma, chills, and backaches. It was also widely used as an antispasmodic to treat asthma attacks.

German Chamomile &
Roman Chamomile
~ eases skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis and alleviates itching*

Jojoba Oil
~ Jojoba oil has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Topical application may help relieve dryness, flaking, itching, and related symptoms. People who have inflammatory skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema may find jojoba oil especially beneficial.

Grapeseed Oil
~ Grapeseed oil contains linoleic acid which is great for helping to strengthen cell membranes and improving skin health, generally. Grapeseed oil contains this fatty acid, so it can be a good solution to improve or cure various skin conditions

Sweet Almond Oil
~ Sweet almond oil is an oil that contains high levels of fatty acids and has been used for centuries to treat skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis.

Coconut Oil
~ has anti-inflammatory properties that may help ease psoriasis pain. It’s widely regarded as a gentle ingredient. Because of this, it’s often recommended as a treatment for scalp psoriasis. The oil moisturizes the skin and scales.

Shea Butter
~ Shea butter is full of moisture, which can make it an effective ingredient in skin care products. When you have psoriasis, it's important to keep your skin moisturized, Dr. Weiss says, "Skin creams made with shea butter tend to be thicker", he says, "and when it comes to moisturizers treating psoriasis, the thicker, the better"

~ All of these Amazing ingredients combined make this cream an ideal treatment for individuals struggling with Psorasis*


Prism Cream* ~ β€’THE BIRDCAGE's New Psoriasis Cream
~ A Prism is a polyhedron with refracting surfaces at an acute angle with each other, that separates white light into a spectrum of colors. "Prism" is used figuratively with reference to the clarification or distortion afforded by a particular viewpoint.
*Psoriasis is a condition in which skin cells build up and form scales and itchy, dry patches.
Psoriasis is "thought" to be an immune system problem. This is why I named it Prism Cream* ~ it's a condition that is viewed through a distorted or unclear viewpoint and an ongoing thought process takes place in efforts to find understanding.
Triggers of psoriasis include infections, stress, and cold. The most common symptom is a rash on the skin, but sometimes the rash involves the nails or joints.
Treatment aims to remove scales and stop skin cells from growing so quickly. Topical ointments, light therapy, and medications can offer relief.


A fully detailed and informative script of ingredients are listed in the item description*


Due to sanitary reasons

β€’THE BIRDCAGEβ€’ does not accept returns. Thank you for your understanding*

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