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Oakmoss Candle ~ in honor of all Green Witches ~ All Natural Candle ~ Organic Wax ~ Oakmoss Essential Oil ~ Pure Magic *

Oakmoss Candle ~ in honor of all Green Witches ~ All Natural Candle ~ Organic Wax ~ Oakmoss Essential Oil ~ Pure Magic *

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Oakmoss Candle ~ Pure All Natural Oakmoss essential oil ~ Soy Free ~ Toxin Free*

 I always feel a deep connection to my Oakmoss Dreams customers. Oakmoss is Truly a magical, special oil and I only purchase the most pure form of Oakmoss in it’s black thick syrup consistency which solidifies as a gorgeous green when mixed with wax *

I believe a select few people are drawn to it’s powers and it almost calls out to them. It emits a scent that is unlike no other. It is fresh and earthy and I believe if Mother Nature had a scent that could encapsule it’s essence in one breath….. it would be Oakmoss* ~ Enjoy xoxox

 Essential Oil Candle ~ All Natural

 Oakmoss is the ultimate Earth scent , also considered a moon scent , so I am releasing this magical candle on Hallow’s Eve before the New Blue Moon *

Oakmoss is a lichen, Evernia pranastri, growing on oak and other trees, yielding a resin used in the manufacture of perfumes.

 Organic Beeswax & Organic Coconut Wax Blend ~ for superior scent throw *

 Oakmoss is Truly such a magical Oil ~ most Oakmoss you find is not pure and you can see that in the candles because the wax does not turn green. My Oakmoss candles are completely Pure Oakmoss essential oil*** and hold the most exquisite scent Xoxox

 ~ In Honor of all Green Witches

A Green Witch is a naturalist, an herbalist, a wise woman, and a healer. “She embraces the power of nature; she draws energy from the Earth and the Universe; she relies on natural objects like stones and gems to commune with the land she lives off of; she uses plants, flowers, oils, and herbs for healing; she calls on nature for guidance; and she respects every living being no matter how small.”

 The Otherworldly Oracle defines a green witch as “someone who works with the elements, the local land spirits, and all things green. The green witch is able to harness the energy of the natural sources around him or her by developing a close connection with local plants, trees, and wildlife as well as with the earth itself.”

Mantra: “Mother Earth, I pay homage to the fullness of your beauty and divine perfection. You are abundant with Life, always rebirthing from season to season. I respect your land, waters, air, and all inhabitants. May all align with your perfect regenerative power.”

Premium Quality Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
All Natural
No Chemicals
No Perfumes
Organic Ingredients
Palm Oil Free
Lead Free Wicks
Soy Free
~ Soy is genetically modified poison, please omit from your diet, do not burn it and allow your family to inhale it’s chemicals all day, and do not support it’s use*

Also Offering A Vegan Wax Alternative option*
(please message)

*Trim Wick to ¼ inch before burning and trim before relighting when needed*
Never leave candle unattended or near other items.

Handmade by an Old Soul
~ The Birdcage ~
Beauty Botanicals


A fully detailed and informative script of ingredients are listed in the item description*


Due to sanitary reasons

•THE BIRDCAGE• does not accept returns. Thank you for your understanding*

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